About Me

I name myself Midnight.
For my given name is hard to remember and really, so not poetic.

Libraries have been my second home since young and I've cultivated the habit of escapism into the world of literature whenever reality strikes too hard.
Which is too often, if you ask me.
Not that, I do not frequent the bookstores.
But the books I got with my own money mostly lay collecting dust in my room as I favour the library books.
Which is starting to make me think twice about spending the money there.
I sincerely apologise to the books I've neglected there.

It's been tough trying to maintain a book blog, with my incurable sloth.
And of course, I'll like it blame it on location too.
Being situated so far away from all the action, it's hard to get really motivated when the new books I see featured on countless blogs only available here months after.
Neat excuse.
Nevertheless, there's tons of great books I've yet to touch.
So I'm gonna start on those first.

YA books are my all-time love, though sadly I'm almost leaving teenage years for adulthood.
How exciting.
I would boast a wide categories of books I read, inclusive of, of course, romance, fantasy, mysteries and horror to a certain extent.
Erotica is something I would never touch though.

If you ever happen to actually like one of my posts, it would be greatly appreciated if you can leave a comment, or maybe a tweet.
Authors, if you like what you see here, please feel free to contact me at midnightmedley@gmail.com with a review request.
I'll be extremely honoured.
Paperbacks would be loved if you can afford overseas shipping, but .pdf copies would be great as well.
Although I must embarrassingly admit, I'm a slow reader.